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Mittie Campbell Barnes Little 1882-1953


Mittie was the great grandmother of my brother-in-law.

When Mittie Campbell was born on June 16, 1882, in Georgia, her father, Hugh, was 36, and her mother, Mary, was 35. She had two children with Samuel Tilden Barnes and three children with Henry Little. She died on June 4, 1953, at the age of 70, and was buried in Columbia, Mississippi.

Her first husband Samuel Tilden Barnes died very young at the age of 32. (He was the great grandfather of my brother-in-law) Samuel had moved to Mississippi to work in a sawmill. Something fell on his foot and he got blood poisoning from the injury. He died as a result of the blood poisoning.

The first source material that I found for Mittie was the 1900 US census taken when she was 18 years old. At that time she was living in Pates Crossroads, Geneva, Alabama with her parents and 2 siblings. The census taker did a poor job of spelling. He lists her as Mattie and her father as Hue. (Should be Mittie and Hugh) In this census, it is stated that both of her parents were born in South Carolina. Her father’s occupation is non-sensical to me…it says “Rids Woods Turpin Tin.” Could that have something to do with wood alcohol or turpentine? Remember, this is the same census recorder that spelled everyone’s name incorrectly! This census record shows Mittie’s place of birth as Georgia.

In the US census from 1910, Mittie was the head of household, is 27 and a widow. Her first husband, Samuel Tilden Barnes, had died a year before this census in 1909. In this census record, her son, Eugene, was 4 years old and her daughter, Hilma, was 1 year old. (She states that the number of children born to her were 3 and 2 were living.) At the time of this census, they were living with Arthur Campbell (her brother.) Their home was on Pearl Street in Beat 5, Marion, Mississippi. Her brother, Arthur, was a foreman in a saw mill.

Sometime between the 1910 census and 1917, she remarried to Henry Little. I am drawing this conclusion because her first child from the second marriage was Jonnie Lee Little born in 1917.

By the time of the 1920 census, Mittie is listed as the wife of her second husband, Henry Little, who was a butcher. They are residing in Columbia, Mississippi.

This sad story about her 2nd husband (a step-father to EL Barnes ) is listed on this web-site. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/67951582/henry-little

After I read the full story of Henry Little’s death, it appears to me to have been accidental.

It is interesting to note that EL (Eugene) Barnes was only 2 years old when his father, Samuel Tilden Barnes, died. I am not sure when Mittie’s second marriage occurred, but she had children with Henry Little starting in 1917. This means that EL Barnes had Henry Little as a step-father from the time he was 10 years old (or younger.) Also, Samuel Barnes had been married and had a child with his first wife Mary Letha Galloway before he married Mittie. So, this means that EL Barnes had a step sibling from that marriage and then also the step siblings from Mittie’s marriage to Henry Little (a bit confusing) This is the blog that I wrote a while back about EL Barnes https://tellinglifestories.org/2018/08/17/eugene-ludlow-barnes-1906-1979/

Eugene Ludlow Barnes 1906 – 1979

Arthur “Dale” Barnes with his parents Eugene Ludlow Barnes and Alice “Christine” Thompson

When Eugene Ludlow Barnes was born on August 5, 1906, in Bond, Mississippi, his father, Samuel Tilden Barnes, was 29 and his mother, Mittie Campbell, was 23.

Eugene was only 2 years old when his father Samuel died when he was only 32 years old.

After Samuel (Eugene’s father) died (because something fell on his foot in the sawmill where he worked and he got blood poisoning,) his second wife Mittie Campbell Barnes (Eugene’s mother), petitioned the courts to establish a will for her late husband.

Mittie Campbell Barnes was the biological mother of Eugene and of his sister Hilma Barnes. Mittie’s petition to the court eventually wins her rights to all of Samuel Barnes’ property.

Eugene Barnes probate 1

Eugene Barnes probate 2

Eugene’s mother,  Mittie, goes on to marry a second time to a man named Henry Little. Mittie and Henry have 3 girls who then become Eugene’s half sisters. I think you will like the names of these 3 half sisters:  Jonnie Lee Little, Sammie Lou Little, and Henry Alice Little.

Eugene had another half sister because his father had been married and had one child before he married Mittie. This half sister was the child of Samuel Barnes and Mary Letha Galloway. Her name was Aletha Barnes.

Eugene’s obituary shows some of these relationships:

23 May 1979 Daily Herald, Biloxi, MS

Here is a timeline of some events in Eugene’s life

1902    birth of half-sister Aletha Barnes (child of Samuel Barnes and Letha Galloway)

1906     birth of Eugene L. Barnes in Mississippi

1908    birth of sister Hilma Gertrude Barnes

1909    death of father Samuel Tilden Barnes

1910    US census shows Eugene is living with his mother Mittie and her brother Arthur and his sister Hilma on Pearl Street in Columbia City, Mississippi

1917    birth of half-sister Jonnie Lee Little (child of Henry Little and Mittie Campbell)

1919    birth of half-sister Sammie Lou Little (child of Henry Little and Mittie Campbell)

1920   US census shows Eugene is 13 years old and living in the house of his step-father and mother.

1922   birth of half-sister Henry Alice (child of Henry Little and Mittie Campbell)

1930  Eugene is living with his step-father and his mother. He is age 23 and is a teacher in the public schools in Columbia, Marion, Mississippi

1931   birth of son Samuel Henry Barnes

1936  birth of son Thompson E. Barnes

1940 US census shows Eugene is living in Hattiesburg, Mississippi with his wife and his sons Samuel and Thompson. He is a school teacher.

1942  birth of son Arthur Dale Barnes

1946 article in the Hattiesburg American Newspaper that Sheriff EL Barnes responded to multiple fatality accident.

1948   death of son Thompson E. Barnes

1948 City directory of Hattiesburg shows that Eugene is with his wife and is employed as a deputy sheriff.

1948 Deputy Sheriff EL Barnes is in the Hattiesburg American Newspaper after breaking up a cattle theft ring.

1949 Deputy Sheriff EL Barnes is in the Hattiesburg American News after a 2 hour shoot out with a 29 year old man who was charged with intent to kill.

1949 Deputy Sheriff EL Barnes is in the Hattiesburg American Newspaper after raiding a moonshine distillery.

1951 article in the Hattiesburg American News about EL Barnes responding as sheriff to a woman who killed her husband.

1951 article in the Clarion Ledger Newspaper about Sheriff EL Barnes who had to chase by gunpoint two men who were cracking safes.

1951 article in the Hattiesburg American Newspaper stating that EL Barnes will not renew his expired tenure as sheriff.

1953  City directory for Hattiesburg shows that Eugene is with his wife and is employed at Ingass Ship Yard. Their residence address is 114 W. 4th

1953  death of his mother Mittie Campbell


1979  death of Eugene in Pascagoula, Mississippi – age 72


1994 death of Eugene’s wife Alice Christine Thompson at age 88.