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Pvt. John Coleman “Doc” Shipman {Civil War – Confederacy – Company E, 16th Regiment Arkansas}

When Pvt. John Coleman “Doc” Shipman {Civil War – Confederacy – Company E, 16th Regiment Arkansas} was born on December 3, 1831, in Missouri.  His father, Matthew, was 46 and his mother, Charlotta “Charity” Jordan, was 38.

John Coleman Shipman is a direct ancestor of the Groshans family.  His daughter, Charlotte Lucinda “Lottie” would go on to marry Robert Lewis Meador and  they would continue the line of ancestry by becoming the parents of Maude Lillian Meador.

The nickname “Doc” is not representative of John Coleman Shipman’s occupation.  He was a farmer.  He also was a Confederate soldier in the Civil War.  He was part of Company E, 16th Regiment of Arkansas.

John Coleman Shipman “Doc” married Temperance “Tempy” Boyd in 1848 in Farwell, Carroll, Arkansas when he was only 17 years old. They had 13 children in 29 years.

The table below lists the children of “Doc” and “Tempy”.  It is taken from this website:

Children of John Shipman and Tempe Boyd are:

599 i. Josephie Tennessee6 Shipman, born Abt. 1850; died 1928 in Springfield, Mo..She married Milton Tharp.
600 ii. Benjamin Shipman, born September 1852; died December 03, 1942 in Carroll Co., Arkansas.
601 iii. Mary”Polly” Shipman, born 1854 in Carroll Co., Arkansas.She married Lo Tharp.
602 iv. Minerva Josephine Shipman, born October 17, 1855; died April 1934.She married Milton Tharp.
603 v. Jacob Shipman, born 1858 in Carroll Co., Arkansas; died in Sallisaw, Oklahoma.
604 vi. Martha F. Shipman, born 1861.She married Lee Tabor.
605 vii. Louisa Ann Shipman, born 1863.She married John Graham.
606 viii. Lottie Shipman, born 1865.She married Joseph Lewis Meadows.
607 ix. Julia Ann “Jewell” Shipman, born 1868.She married Columbus Callen.
608 x. Lodusca Tryphenia Shipman, born 1872; died 1942 in Denver, Carroll Co., Ark.She married John Myers.
609 xi. John Elmore Shipman, born April 07, 1873; died December 31, 1935 in Denver, Carroll Co., Ark.


The first census records that I found with John Coleman Shipman and his wife Tempy were from 1850.  At this time, John Coleman, states that he is a farmer. He lists his birth place as Missouri.  In the 1850 census their residence is located in Carrollton Township, Carroll County, Arkansas.

John Coleman’s wife “Tempy” states in the 1860 census that she can neither read nor write. The 1860 census for the family is from Hickory Township, Carroll County, Arkansas.

John Coleman Shipman died on December 10, 1904, at the age of 73.   In 1905, John Coleman Shipman’s wife, Tempy, applied for pension benefits in Arkansas stating that her husband had served in the Arkansas cavalry.

Research- I have not purchased this book, but it is a complete history of the 16th regiment.




Asa Bishop- my great, great, great Grandfather

When Asa Bishop was born on November 7, 1785, in Chesterfield, New Hampshire, his father, Captain John Bishop, was 52 and his mother, Serviah Kellogg, was 32. His father, the Captain John Bishop, had previously been married to Experience Harris and had 5 children with this first wife.  Asa was 1 of the 5 children from Captain John Bishop’s 2nd marriage to Serviah Kellogg.  Asa’s father, Captain John Bishop, was a 2nd Lt. in the French and Indian War and a captain in the Revolutionary War.

Asa married Mary “Polly” Sprague on January 10, 1807, in Henderson, New York.  Asa and Polly had 11 children in 25 years. Asa died on June 10, 1872, in Berrien County, Michigan, having lived a long life of 86 years, and was buried there. 

Asa’s wife Polly died in 1852, and Asa remained single after her death until his death in 1872.  Asa moved to Michigan to live with his son and my direct ancestor, John Kellogg Bishop, after the death of his wife.

Asa served in New York, New York during the war of 1812.

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The children of Asa and Mary “Polly” were:

Harriet Bishop 1808-1885

Roxana Bishop 1811-1866

Anthony Sprague Bishop 1812-1895

Susan Maria Bishop 1814-1897

Adeline Sophronia Bishop 1817-1883

Norris Stearns Bishop 1819-1864

Emily Sophia Bishop 1821-

Appleton Asa Bishop 1822-1849

John Kellogg Bishop 1827-1906 (direct ancestor)

Abigail Jane Bishop 1829-

Laura Sophia Bishop 1833-1881

Asa and Polly Bishop

Find a Grave web link is listed below…

New York war of 1812 payment abstracts for New York State Militia

New York war of 1812, Abstract payroll statements from New York State Militia

Asa Bishop tombstoneAsa Bishop was