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Joseph Mueller 1877-1963

When Joseph Mueller was born on December 3, 1877, his father, John, was 38 and his mother, Anna Maria Schneider Mueller, was 28. Joseph had six sons and three daughters with Louise Emma Groshans between 1906 and 1922. He died on February 11, 1963, in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, at the age of 85, and was buried in Spokane, Washington.Joseph Mueller

At the time of the 1910 US census, Joseph Mueller was 32 years old. He was living in Cameron, Ward, North Dakota. He states that his occupation was farmer. He also states that both of his parents were born in Germany and he was born in Wisconsin. He states that his wife, Louise Emma Groshans,  was born in Illinois and both of her parents were born in France.

At the time of the 1920 census, Joseph Mueller was 42 years old. He is using the name “Joe.” He is still occupied as a farmer in North Dakota.

In 1942, Joseph had to register for the U.S. draft. Here is his card:

Joseph Mueller draft card

Joseph Mueller draft card back side

His tomb and burial information is available at https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/134026942

Joseph Mueller tombstone

Joseph’s death certificate is from Coeur D’Alene, Kootenai, Idaho, USA. He was 85 years old at the time of his decease. He died on 11 Feb 1963 and the cause of death is an accidental drowning.

On FamilySearch.org, Joseph is listed as ID# G3GC-GYZ and may be researched on that free site for more family information. (Note: you may have to establish an account on this site, but there are no fees)



Gottlieb Theophile Groshans 1847-1919

Gottlieb Groshans was the Great, Great Grandfather of my children. His son, Gottlieb Jack Groshans, was the Great Grandfather of my children.

When Gottlieb (or Gottfried) Groshans (or Grosshans) was born on November 25, 1847, his father, Jean Jacques “Jacob” Grosshans, was 39 and his mother, Marie Sigwalt Grosshans, was 30. He married Salome Lauffer in 1870. They had eight children in 17 years. He died on August 25, 1919, in Kankakee, Illinois, at the age of 71, and was buried in Streator, Illinois.

Recently, I have discovered that Gottlieb’s name was actually was Theophile Grosshans. As you can see by time of the 1919 death notices below, he must have changed his name and was using the name Gottlieb Groshans.

27 Aug 1919 The Times Streator, IL

26 Aug 1919 The Times, Streator IL death of G. Groshans

26 Aug 1919 The Times, Streator IL

In 1847, Alsace (birthplace of Gottlieb), was in France. I found out that the name Theophile was translated into Gottlieb (or Gottfried).

Many of my sources use different variations of his name.

Here are the children that I have found in my research:


THE 1900 US CENSUS (note that Salome is not listed in this census as she was deceased)

In the 1900 US census, he is listed as Gottliebes G*Shous.  (Please remember that the census takers did not worry about writing what they “heard.”) In the 1900 census, we learn this information: He is the head of household with a birth date listed as October 1849. So, the there is a birth date conflict as he was actually born in 1847. Did he want to appear younger in the census or was there a poor note-taker? He states his occupation as Farm Laborer. He owns a home and it looks like it was on 6th Street in LaSalle, Streator, IL. He states that his birth place was France and that this was also the birth place of his parents. Gottlieb states that he immigrated to the USA in 1886.

In this 1900 census, Gottlieb is living with his son Louis who is employed as a coal miner. Louis’ birth date is listed as October 1872. The census states that Louis was born in France.

In this 1900 census, Gottlieb is also living with his daughter Zetmar. Her birth date is listed as May of 1877 in France. Her occupation is as a garment worker. (My other research shows she may have used the name Sarah and that her birth date may not match this census???)

In this 1900 census, Gottlieb is also living with his daughter Annie. Her birth date is listed as May 1881. She was born in Illinois. Her occupation is also listed as a garment worker.

In this 1900 census, Gottlieb is also living with his daughter Louisa who was born in July of 1884 in Illinois. The census shows that Louisa was 15 years old and still in school.


The Family Search # for Gottlieb is LVDW-RB1.

The Find a Grave link is :https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/79547191/gottlieb-groshans

I wrote a blog that is related:https://tellinglifestories.org/2017/02/01/salome-a-k-a-selma-laufer-groshans/

Sibling of Gottlieb:

Gottlieb had a brother named Henry Grosshans. Henry married Salome Hartweg on November 5, 1873. They had nine children in 17 years. He died on May 13, 1930.

Here is a news clipping about Henry:


15 May 1930 The Times Streator, IL


1847GROSSHANS Gottlieb 1847

Note that Gottlieb’s birth name was Theophile Grosshans. He changed his first name to Gottlieb after German occupation of his home.