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Lewis Ferdinand Scheidel 1867-1930

Lewis F. Scheidel

Here is a list of descendants that connect Lewis Ferdinand Scheidel as a 2 x great grandfather to my friend Eric.

Lewis Ferdinand Scheidel (1867 – 1930)
2nd great-grandfather of my friend Eric
Oscar Augustine Scheidel (1903 – 1978)
Son of Lewis Ferdinand Scheidel
Patricia Josephine Scheidel (1938 – 2014)
Daughter of Oscar Augustine Scheidel
Barbara Maguire 
Daughter of Patricia Josephine Scheidel
Eric Anderle 
Son of Barbara Maguire
When Lewis Ferdinand Scheidel was born on January 30, 1867, in Alpine, Michigan, his father, Ferdinand, was 38 and his mother, Catherine Vierheilig, was 34.
LEWIS’ MOTHER: Lewis’ mother was Catherine Vierheilig who was born on 14 June 1832 in Bad Kissingen, Bavaria, Germany. She died on 1 Nov 1901 in Alpine Township, Kent, MI.
In the 1880 US census, Catherine is 48 years old. She lists her birthplace as Bavaria. Her occupation is “keeping house.” She lives in Alpine, Kent, MI. Her husband was 57 at the time of this census and is working as a farmer. His birth location is stated to be Baden.
In the 1900 US census, Catherine is 67 years old. She stated that she immigrated to the US in 1832. That was also the year of her birth. She clearly lists her birth location as Germany.
LEWIS’ FATHER: Lewis’ father was Ferdinand “Fred” George Scheidel. Here is a photo found on Ancestry.
Ferdinand Fred George Scheidel
LEWIS’ WIFE: Lewis married Alice Katherine Williams on September 3, 1889. They had 14 children in 19 years. Alice was a direct ancestor and 2x great grandmother to Eric.
Lewis Ferdinand Scheidel wedding pic
Alice’s death certificate was an important genealogy tool for me because it gives the names and birth locations of Alice’s parents and those would be Eric’s 3x great grandparents! An interesting note for me is the introduction of Eric’s ancestry connections to England.
death certificate of Alice Katherine Williams Scheidel
Lewis died on October 8, 1930, in Alpine, Michigan, at the age of 63, and was buried in Comstock Park, Michigan. Note that his death certificate has an error. His name seems to be hand-written as Lewis…but is typed in as Louis. This type of error was very common for the time period. Spelling often seemed to be a sort of “free for all.”
death certificate of Lewis Scheidel
This amazing photo below was shared on Ancestry. It does not give a photo legend for each of the persons but is titled “Family portrait of Lewis Ferdinand Scheidel.” This photo must certainly also include Oscar Augustine Scheidel who was Eric’s great grandfather!
family portrait of Lewis Scheidel

Betty Louise Remenak Anderle 1936-2014

When Betty Louise Remenak was born on October 17, 1936, in Michigan, her father, Leo, was 26, and her mother, Stella Waszkiewicz, was 23. I am writing this blog about Betty because she was the paternal grandmother of my friend Eric.

Betty Anderle

BETTY’S FATHER: Betty’s father, Leo, had been born on 30 April 1910 in Poland.  Leo must have Americanized his last name at some point from Rzemieniak to Remenak. Leo was Eric’s great grandfather.

In 1929, Leo married Stella Waszkiewicz. He was 21 years old and she was 16 years old.

Marriage of Leo and Stella

In the 1930 US census. Leo is 21 years old (his wife is only 17 years old). He states that he speaks Polish. In this census, he is living with his wife in Grand Rapids, MI and working as a furniture re-finisher. His wife is working in furniture upholstery.  They live in a rented home on 6th Street. In this census, he states that he immigrated to the US in 1912 when he was 2 years old.

In the 1940 US census Leo is 29 years old and living with his wife Stella and their 3 children on Graceland Street in Grand Rapids. Leo states that his highest level of education completed is 8th grade. He lists his citizenship as naturalized. I found a city directory that gave their address as 843 Graceland NE., Grand Rapids, MI.

I did find some WWII Navy muster rolls that show Leo served in the military on the USS Pine Island. This record is dated 1948. I also found this application for a military headstone.

Leo headstone.JPG

Leo died on 15 Dec 1956. He was only 46 years old. I did not find his obituary, but I did find an article about the accident that claimed his life. The driver of the car that struck Leo was brought up on charges 2 times, but each time there was insufficient evidence to charge the driver of the car that struck Leo with negligent homicide.

Detroit Free Press 16 Dec 1956 Leo

BETTY’S MOTHER: Betty’s mother, Stella. had been born on 17 Feb 1913 in Michigan. Her parents had been born in Poland. Stella was Eric’s great grandmother.

In the 1920 US census, Stella was 7 years old and living with her parents,George Waszkiewicz and Anna Reda, and her sister Estiva. In this census record, George is working as a sander in a fur factory and states that he cannot read or write. He lists Polish as his mother tongue. Anna is also working as a painter in a carpet sweeper industry. She also says that she is unable to read or write … would this just be a reference to not reading English? Not sure. The family lives on Blymier Court in Grand Rapids, MI.

Stella lived for many years after the death of her husband. She died at the age of 81 on 27 Oct 1994. She is buried near many of the Remenak family at Fairplains Cemetery in Grand Rapids.

BETTY: I was delighted to find that Betty’s high school has digitalized many of their yearbooks. Here are some of the photos that I found. Please let me know if any of these are not Betty so I may remove the photos from the blog!

Creston High School 1953 yearbook

1953 Creston H.S. yearbook

1954 Creston HS yearbook.JPG

Creston High School 1954 yearbook

1954 profile pic in Creston H.S. yearbook

year book

Betty married Gerald Ladd Anderle.

Betty passed away at the age of 77. This is a link to an obituary:


Joseph “Jesse” Derusha 1870-1925

Joseph Jesse Derusha was the paternal great grandfather of my friend Rachel.

Joseph Jesse Derusha

When Joseph Jesse Derusha was born on December 7, 1870, in Saint Ignace, Mackinac, MI, his father, Joseph, was 30 and his mother, Josephine LaJoie, was 22.

Here are photos of Joseph’s parents (Rachel’s 2nd great grandparents:)

Joseph Derusha 1840-1918

Josephine Josette LaJoie Derusha


Joseph  married Bridget McLeod on July 17, 1890, in Hendricks, Michigan. On his marriage records he uses his middle name “Jesse.” Race was indicated on the marriage record with Jesse being “white” and Bridget listed as “Indian.”

The photo here is very small, so I have included the transcribed information too:marriage of Jesse to Bridget July 15 1890

Name: Jessa Derusha
Gender: Male
Race: W & Indian (Native American)
Age: 19
Birth Year: abt 1871
Birth Place: Rever Island, Michigan
Marriage Date: 17 Jul 1890
Marriage Place: Hendricks, Mackinac, Michigan, USA
Residence Place: St Ignace
Father: Joseph Derusha
Mother: Josephine Lajoie
Spouse: Bridget McLeod
Record Number: 182


The first census record that I found with Joseph listed is 1880, when Joseph was 9 years old.  In this census, his father is listed as a fisherman and his mother is “keeping house.” The family lived in Mackinac, Hendricks, MI.

By the time of the 1910 U.S. census, “Jesse” is now 20 years old and working as a lumberman. I loved how he gave his work location…”in the woods.” He is using his middle name of Jesse in this census. In the 1910 census, a person was asked to state their race. Bridget now states she is “white.”  They live in Mackinac, Hendricks, MI.

In the 1920 census, Joseph lists his name as Joseph (no longer uses Jesse). He is still in Mackinac, Hendricks, MI.

Joseph died in 1925, he was 54 years old.

death of Joseph Derusha.JPG

tombstone of Joseph J. Derusha

obit for Joseph Jesse Derusha




Frans August Ferdinand Thörnbladh, born 13 Dec 1863 in Sweden

Frans was the paternal great grandfather of my friends Heidi and Kurt Thornbladh. Frans was born on 13 December 1863 in Carlskrona (or Karlskrona), Sweden.  I learned from my friend Heidi that that there is not much family information on her paternal great grandparents. It seems that her grandfather had left home as a young man because he was upset and chose to walk away from his parents. So, now, as a genealogist, I focus on the few facts I can piece together about the life of this Swedish paternal great grandfather.

I found a record for Frans listed in Swedish household examination books. His residence at the time of the record was Eskilstuna Kloster och Fors, Södermanlands, Södermanland, Sweden. I am not sure of the exact date of the record.

Swedish examination book

a Swedish examination book.jpg

Frans married Hilda Vilhelmina Pettersson on December 26, 1886. This makes Hilda the paternal great grandmother of my Thornbladh friends.

Again, using Swedish examination booklets, I found these children recorded for Frans and Hilda:

June 5 1880        Emilie Isabella (great aunt to my friends)

Sep 28 1889        Elsa Matilda (great aunt to my friends)

Sep 2 1893          Erik Teodor Ferdinand (great uncle to my friends)

Mar 4 1897         Nils Magnus (grandfather to my friends)

Not listed in the record above is a possible additional daughter Gunhild who I believe died when she was just one year old in 1888.

There is a big gap in years of birth and this sometimes signals to genealogists that one or more births are missing from the records. I simply do not know!

In the examination record, a younger sister of Frans is also listed. Her name was Emilie Matilda Nilsson born on Jan 31 1874.

page 427 Swedish examination book

I found a birth record for Nils Magnus.  Remember,Nils was my friends paternal grandfather, the same man who apparently left home as a very young man leaving his father Frans and mother Hilda over a probable dispute.

1897 birth Nils Magnus

I found a transcribed record below (cannot view the original document) showing Frans’ emmigration from Sweden to Denmark. (note: the occupation of “barn” just means a child) This record shows that at the age of 11, Frans left Sweden with his family and moved to Denmark. I am unable to find out if this was a short or long stay abroad. This record is helpful because it lists the name of his father as “Per Tornblad Olsson.”

Sweden emmigrants registered in church books

I believe that Frans died sometime around 1950 in Sweden. I will continue to update this story if more information becomes available. Your feedback and comments are welcome.

Many of the Swedish examination books are available on the Family Search website. (You may be required to create a free account with the LDS Family Search site in order to view the records) Also, note that the list available by using the link below gives information on Frans and other people who had the same name…

Cecelia Gallagher (1841-1930) and Thomas E. Joyce (1841-1922)

I am researching Cecelia and Thomas Joyce because they are the 2nd great grandparents of my friends Heidi Thornbladh and Kurt Thornbladh.  During the years of our friendship, Heidi has shared stories about the life of “Celia” Gallagher from Ireland. I found those stories captivating! This short essay will present some of the genealogical facts and historical documents that I have come across.

Cecelia F (“Celia”) Gallagher was born on May 3, 1841, in Dublin, Ireland, the daughter of Margaret Madden and William Gallagher.

She married Thomas E. Joyce on October 11, 1868, in Newton, Massachusetts. They had four children during their marriage.

Cecelia’s occupation was a nurse. This is documented in the US census records of 1900. In the 1900 census, Cecelia states she has had 5 children and only 4 are living. In this census, Cecelia also states that she immigrated to the United States in 1860 (that would have made her 19 years old.) Her immigration date is up to question because in the 1920 census she states she arrived state side in 1865. (Cecelia became a citizen by naturalization).

By the time of the 1930 census, Cecelia is using the name “Celia”. She is 88 years old at the time of the 1930 census and is no longer working. In that 1930 census, 2 of her daughters are living with her. Their names were Mary (age 56) and Carrie (age 54). It is interesting to note that Carrie was also a registered nurse. They lived in Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, USA

Cecelia died on May 19, 1930, in Manchester, New Hampshire, at the age of 89, and was buried there in Saint Joseph Cemetery. This is the link to see the tomb stone marker:

I have also found her death certificate (this was also an important document as it lists her parents names – or the 3x great grandparents of Heidi and Kurt!)

death of Cecelia Joyce

This shows the records of Cecelia’s direct descendants:

Cecelia F (Celia) Gallagher (1841 – 1930)
2nd great-grandmother
William Lawrence Joyce (1875 – 1940)
Son of Cecelia F (Celia) Gallagher
Celia Marion Joyce (1898 – 1961)
Daughter of William Lawrence Joyce
Ruth Beverly Moller (1924 – 2006)
Daughter of Celia Marion Joyce
Heidi Thornbladh
the daughter of Ruth Beverly Moller

Thomas E. Joyce was born in 1841 in Manchester, New Hampshire to Mary Fitzsimmons Foley and Lawrence Joyce. Manchester was a mill town. During the 1800’s the town would be changing from a farm based economy to factory work.

In the 1900 census, Thomas states that both of his parents were born in Ireland. He was born in New Hampshire.  At the time of the 1900 census, Thomas was 60 years old and working as an iron moulder. At this time, he lived in a rented house with his family.

Thomas died on June 17, 1922,  at the age of 81, and was buried in Manchester, New Hampshire. I was able to find his death certificate, which is again important because it lists the names of his parents.

Death of Thomas Joyce

This shows the record of Thomas’ direct descendants:

Thomas E. Joyce (1841 – 1922)
2nd great-grandfather
Celia Marion Joyce (1898 – 1961)
Daughter of William Lawrence Joyce
Ruth Beverly Moller (1924 – 2006)
Daughter of Celia Marion Joyce
Heidi Thornbladh
 the daughter of Ruth Beverly Moller

Eugene Ludlow Barnes 1906 – 1979

When Eugene Ludlow Barnes was born on August 5, 1906, in Bond, Mississippi, his father, Samuel Tilden Barnes, was 29 and his mother, Mittie Campbell, was 23.

Eugene was only 2 years old when his father Samuel died. Samuel was only 32 years old at the time of his death.

After Samuel (Eugene’s father) died, his second wife Mittie Campbell Barnes (Eugene’s mother), petitioned the courts to establish a will for her late husband.

Mittie Campbell Barnes was the biological mother of Eugene and of his sister Hilma Barnes. Mittie’s petition to the court eventually wins her rights to all of Samuel Barnes’ property.

Eugene Barnes probate 1

Eugene Barnes probate 2

Eugene’s mother,  Mittie, goes on to marry a second time to a man named Henry Little. Mittie and Henry have 3 girls who then become Eugene’s half sisters. I think you will like the names of these 3 half sisters:  Jonnie Lee Little, Sammie Lou Little, and Henry Alice Little.

Eugene had another half sister because his father had been married and had one child before he married Mittie. This half sister was the child of Samuel Barnes and Mary Letha Galloway. Her name was Aletha Barnes.

Eugene’s obituary shows some of these relationships:

23 May 1979 Daily Herald, Biloxi, MS

Here is a timeline of some events in Eugene’s life

1902    birth of half-sister Aletha Barnes (child of Samuel Barnes and Letha Galloway)

1906     birth of Eugene L. Barnes in Mississippi

1908    birth of sister Hilma Gertrude Barnes

1909    death of father Samuel Tilden Barnes

1910    US census shows Eugene is living with his mother Mittie and her brother Arthur and his sister Hilma on Pearl Street in Columbia City, Mississippi

1917    birth of half-sister Jonnie Lee Little (child of Henry Little and Mittie Campbell)

1919    birth of half-sister Sammie Lou Little (child of Henry Little and Mittie Campbell)

1920   US census shows Eugene is 13 years old and living in the house of his step-father and mother.

1922   birth of half-sister Henry Alice (child of Henry Little and Mittie Campbell)

1930  Eugene is living with his step-father and his mother. He is age 23 and is a teacher in the public schools in Columbia, Marion, Mississippi

1931   birth of son Samuel Henry Barnes

1936  birth of son Thompson E. Barnes

1940 US census shows Eugene is living in Hattiesburg, Mississippi with his wife and his sons Samuel and Thompson. He is a school teacher.

1942  birth of son Arthur Dale Barnes

1946 article in the Hattiesburg American Newspaper that Sheriff EL Barnes responded to multiple fatality accident.

1948   death of son Thompson E. Barnes

1948 City directory of Hattiesburg shows that Eugene is with his wife and is employed as a deputy sheriff.

1948 Deputy Sheriff EL Barnes is in the Hattiesbury American Newspaper after breaking up a cattle theft ring.

1949 Deputy Sheriff EL Barnes is in the Hattiesburg American News after a 2 hour shoot out with a 29 year old man who was charged with intent to kill.

1949 Deputy Sheriff EL Barnes is in the Hattiesburg American Newspaper after raiding a moonshine distillery.

1951 article in the Hattiesburg American News about EL Barnes responding as sheriff to a woman who killed her husband.

1951 article in the Clarion Ledger Newspaper about Sheriff EL Barnes who had to chase by gunpoint two men who were cracking safes.

1951 article in the Hattiesburg American Newspaper stating that EL Barnes will not renew his expired tenure as sheriff.

1953  City directory for Hattiesburg shows that Eugene is with his wife and is employed at Ingass Ship Yard. Their residence address is 114 W. 4th

1953  death of his mother Mittie Campbell

1979  death of Eugene in Pascagoula, Mississippi – age 72

1994 death of Eugene’s wife Alice Christine Thompson at age 88.

Angelina “Angie” Cirabisi Bivona 1909-1987

When Angelina “Angie” Cirabisi was born on September 6, 1909, in New York City, her father, Giuseppe “Joseph”, was 35, and her mother, Leonarda “Lena” Gerace Cirabisi, was only 21 years old.

ANGIE’S FATHER: Angie’s father, Joseph Cirabisi, was born in Italy. He was 33 years old when he arrived at Ellis Island on the S.S. Algeria. As he entered Ellis Island, he stated that his occupation was stone worker and that his last place of residence was Castelvetrano, Italy. His ship had departed from a port in Naples on 17 January 1907 and arrived at Ellis Island on 4 February 1907. He recorded that he was coming to join his uncle Guiseppe Sanfilippo in Brooklyn, New York.

In 1917-1918, men in America were required to register for the draft. I found the document below. Melrose Street is where Joseph lived when he filled out this form and that street is not new in the family story and I found it in many documents.

Giuseppe Cirabasi draft

Another official record that I found was a 1925 New York State census record. At the time of that census, Joseph was 51 years old and was listed as doing “cement blocks.” He was living on Melrose Street with his wife Lena and daughters Angie and Antoinette. He records his citizenship status as alien. I had to do some history lessons to figure that one out. Why would an alien register for the US draft? Well, it turns out that you had to register for the draft if you were an alien residing in the United States! Go figure!

1925 state census

ANGIE’S MOTHER Angie’s mother was Leonarda (Lena) Gerace.  Lena was born in Partana, Italy.

Lena traveled to the states at the age of 25 leaving on the ship Luisiana from a port in Naples, Campania, Italy. She listed her last place of residence as Partanna, Trapani. She arrived at Ellis Island on 15 Oct. 1907. (Frank had arrived in February of that same year.)

In the 1925 New York state census, Lena claims she is of alien status.

It was so hard for me to find any good information on Lena. Anne Bivona Barnes had told us that Lena had a brother Gaspare. I was able to find some information on him and will continue as time allows to trace Lena’s family and ancestry through information available on her brother.

ANGIE’S SISTER Angie’s sister was Antoinette Cirabisi. Antoinette was born in approx. 1916. She was engaged to be married but sadly died before the wedding, at the age of 23, from a heart condition. Her date of death was 18 March 1939. Until her death, she had been employed as a bookkeeper. She was buried at St. John’s cemetery.

ANGIE Angie died in Michigan and her death date was recorded as 10 December 1987 and on that same certificate, her date of birth, was shown to be 27 September 1909.

Where was Angie born? Anne Bivona Barnes recalls that Angie was born in NYC so that is probably the case, but I did find a trip that brought Angie and her mother Lena through Ellis Island on 13 June 1913. This was on the ship the Principe Di Pimonte that left from the port of Palermo.

Ancestry reminds us when doing research on Italian ancestors to remember that they did travel back and forth. In other cases of immigration from European countries, people had fled from Europe to the United States to avoid persecution BUT the reason that so many people left Italy was almost entirely economic. That simply means, the Italian ancestors had every reason to go back to visit family, dream of returning to Italy and then often returning again to the states.

At the time that Angie’s family moved to the United States, the Italian unified government was encouraging people in Southern Italy to leave – not enough resources were available for the population. Also, the United States at that time had a labor shortage and were encouraging Italians to immigrate.


In 1925, in the state of New York census, Angie is a US citizen and is employed as a tailor. She lives on Melrose Street with her parents and her sister in that year. Her family told me that she worked in a coat factory.

In 1933, Angie was just 23 years old when she had her daughter Anne Bivona Barnes.

Her daughter Anne recalls that her family lived in Brooklyn at 41 Street and Ft. Hamilton Parkway until about 1939. Then, from 1939 to 1955 the family lived on Bushwick at the corner of Irving and Stockholm Street.

Angie was buried in NY. She had lived to be 78 years old.