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Alibamo Coosada aka Zilphia Napochi “Sefaya” Bartlett – a Muskogee Creek Indian 1775–1846


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Sefaya , a Muskogee Creek Indian, was living in the 13 colonies at one of the most important turning points in American history—the signing of the Declaration of Independence. She was also the 4th great grandmother of my brother-in-law and she was a Creek Indian.

When Alibamo Coosada aka Zilphia Napochi “Sefaya” Bartlett and her brother “Tommy” Napochi Hadjo (Hadjo means warrior) were born in 1775 in Darlington, South Carolina, their father, Napochi, was 25 and their mother, Hokte, was 24.

She married Thomas Pitts Andrews in 1794 in her hometown. They had nine children in 25 years. She died on January 1, 1846, in Dale, Alabama, at the age of 71.

Her father used the name Benjamin Bartlett. He was a “Cacique Minor Chief.” I believe that his birth name was Napochi Mi’ko. Her father was born in 1750 in South Carolina in the Cacique Creek Indian Chieftom area, Darlington, South Carolina.

Sefaya Bartlett married Thomas Andrews, who was an Indian agent in SC or NC.  He was the descendant of a family of Virginian traders who were of Scottish ancestry. Much of their trade was with the Alibamo Indians.  (See page 12 from the link below:)


The link above also says that the name Sefaya was a common Creek name at that time. (see page 13 of link listed above)

During the time they lived, the sons of Thomas Andrews and Sefaya, were considered to be “half-breeds.” The Windham history records show that they still could have maintained their status in society because of their successful trade endeavors.

My son-in-law relates to Sefaya in this way:

Alibamo Coosada aka Zilphia Napochi “Sefaya” Bartlett Muskogee Creek Indian 1775-1846
4th great-grandmother 
Samuel F. Andrews 1800-1853
Son of Alibamo Coosada aka Zilphia Napochi “Sefaya” Bartlett Muskogee Creek Indian
Mary Jane maybe Reins Andrews 1846-1911
Daughter of Samuel F. ANDREWS
Mittie “Ma Ma” Campbell 1882-1953
Daughter of Mary Jane Reins Andrews
Eugene Ludlow (E.L.) Barnes 1906-1979
Son of Mittie “Ma Ma” Campbell
Samuel Henry Barnes 1931-
Son of Eugene Ludlow (E.L.) Barnes


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On Family Search she is ID#G9MR-CLT


This is a picture from Ancestry site (and many other web searches) of Sefaya’s father. He was Napochi Mi’ko aka Benjamin “Cacique Minor Chief” Bartlett. 1750-1789. He was the 5th great grandfather of Chris Barnes.