Marion P. Annis Watts 1837-1894 ( the 2nd great grandmother of Heidi Thornbladh)

When Marion  P Annis (her first name was also recorded as Mariam by census takers) was born on September 7, 1837, in Londonderry, New Hampshire, her father, John Annis, was already 45 years old, and her mother, Delilah Coburn Annis, was 40. Marion had 12 siblings!

Marion married Charles H Watts on January 1, 1861, in Derry, New Hampshire.

Watts and Annis

Charles Watts

photo above of Charles Watts- husband of Marion P. Annis Watts

photo below of death certificate for Charles Watts

death of Charles Watts


Charles and Marion had seven children together. Their 4th child, Olive Annis Watts, is the direct ancestor of my friend Heidi Thornbladh. Olive was Heidi’s great grandmother. Olive married William Lawrence Joyce.

Marion died on July 2, 1894, in Derry, New Hampshire, at the age of 56. Her death certificate is listed below:

death of Miriam Watts

There is some evidence that following Marion’s death, her husband Charles Watts, may have remarried to Eldora Martha Nichols. (Not many details to verify this 2nd marriage) Charles was 53 years old at the time of Marion’s death. He lived another 31 years after her death.

Here is a record of the descendants starting with Marion’s father:

John Towns Annis (1791 – 1871)
3rd great-grandfather
Marion P Annis (1838 – 1894)
daughter of John Towns Annis
Olive Annis Watts (1873 – )
daughter of Marion P Annis
Celia Marion Joyce (1898 – 1961)
daughter of Olive Annis Watts
Ruth Beverly Moller (1924 – 2006)
daughter of Celia Marion Joyce

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