Norbert Donald “Nick” Wiesner 1920-1999

Norbert “Nick” D. Wiesner was born on October 5, 1920, in Wisconsin to Emma Wilhelmine Caroline Borck, age 40, and Jacob Johann Wiesner, age 40.

“Nick” married Joyce Lucille Shaw on June 25, 1943, when he was 22 years old. His wife Joyce passed away on June 28, 1990, in Waukesha, Wisconsin, at the age of 68. They had been married 47 years.

“Nick” and Joyce had 3 children.  Their oldest was their son, Eugene Norbert Wiesner. (see the 2nd photo below of Eugene Wiesner with his parents!)  Nick and Joyce also had 2 daughters, Emogene and Sandra Ann.

Joyce Shaw and Nick Wiesner.jpgJoyce, Norbert and Eugene WiesnerKara and Drew Wiesner with Joyce and Nick Wiesner 1975


 The article below is about the draft lottery and is from the 18 March 1942 in the Green Bay Gazette (page 42)

Green Bay Gazette 18 March 1942 page 12

WWII draft registration form Feb 16, 1942
digitally enhanced photo

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